Meeting rooms are used by just one person 36% of the time..

(Source: Density’s Mid-Year 2019 Workplace Utilization Index)

Together, we can change that.

More than half of office workers are dissatisfied with the level of privacy for speech, making it a leading complaint in offices everywhere.

(Source: CBE, UC Berkley, 2012)

Together, we can change that.

Greater levels of exposure to natural elements were associated with lower depressed mood and higher job satisfaction and organizational commitment.

(Source: PLOS ONE, 2016)

Together, we can change that.

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Silence & Meeting Zones

Solve the problem with noise, lack of privacy and lack of space for concentrated work. Quiet zones for presentations, meetings or making phone calls without interrupting anyone from their work.

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Work Zones

Personalize employees’ working environment by taking account of their identity. Set the height of the table, choose the colour of decorations or add flowers.

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Additional elements will find their place in every interior. Separation of printers, kitchenettes or sitting areas using noise lowering elements offers more than you would expect.

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4KONCEPT is a company from the heart of Europe which represents the way to understand the office and the hybrid workspace in 21st century, with respect to nature and environmental sustainability. Our brand was officially established in 2015 after long successful journey as a project team. Our own production has one great goal – create offices differently, naturally with a combination of natural materials and modern technology.


We spend too much time at work to spend it in an unacceptable or unhealthy environment. Nature is no longer part of our everyday life; therefore, we use natural materials in almost all our solutions.


We create a healthy working environment by using natural materials, which “breathe” with you, regulate humidity and add a pleasant fragrance to your office.


You don’t need to worry about anything. Just take and empty open space and the rest is up to us. If you have to move, do not leave behind your flexible space solutions in their original place as a wasted investment. Take them with you everywhere in the world.


Nature offers us possibilities, which we use in our solutions. Responsible behaviour is what we give in return therefore we choose sustainable materials and care about social responsibility in every detail, just as our clients do.


We support client’s identity in every detail. We also build our own identity based on inspiration in nature and crafted details. We can customize our solutions to every client and any office space.


In the heart of Europe, we build our own products in a fair way. That’s why we can offer more than just standard solutions. An individual approach, creative solutions and years of experience in manufacturing as well as a guarantee of client satisfaction.

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Speak about your needs


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Clients feedback

Na našej spolupráci so spoločnosťou 4KONCEPT oceňujem hlavne rýchlosť a fullservis, ktorý nám bol poskytnutý. Objednávali sme si akustickú zónu do našich kancelárskych priestorov. Produkt sme jednoducho vybrali v katalógu a do 2 týždňov bol u nás namontovaný a pripravený. Nemuseli sme sa tak starať o nič navyše a všetko potrebné zabezpečili zamestnanci 4KONCEPT. Produkt je dizajnovým aj funkčným doplnkom v našich priestoroch a je medzi zamestnancami veľmi obľúbený a používaný vždy keď potrebujú súkromie alebo si vybaviť telefonát tak, aby nerušili ostatných kolegov.

Radovan Dolník

KORD Slovakia, a.s.

Ako majiteľ spoločnosť MESSA ID si veľmi pochvaľujem spoluprácu s dodávateľom akustických zón a nábytku 4KONCEPT. Ako náš veľkoobchodný partner boli vždy kvalitní, flexibilní a to aj v prípade, že sme mali rôzne neštandardné požiadavky na zmeny nad rámec bežnej realizácie. Jednu z akustických zón aktívne využívame aj v našom vlastnom showroome v Prahe. Naša spoločnosť má viacero významných zákazníkov, medzi ktorých patrí napríklad aj spoločnosť Pepsi a doteraz evidujem iba pozitívne referencie na produkty dodávané spoločnosťou 4koncept.

Assem Mustafa

Messa ID

The team in 4koncept produce not only a great product, but they also value and invest in human relation. For me, this is the key!

Rawad Traboulsi

MOBILI, Dubai (United Arab Emirates)

We use acoustic zones from 4koncept because they make a whole and are heavily used. We're happy that we re-designed our offices with current trends in mind. It shows us it was the right decision.

Head HR & PR manager

Tatra banka, Bratislava (Slovakia)

Akustické zóny od 4koncept prekonali všetky naše očakávania. Ceníme si profesionálny prístup celého tímu k nášmu projektu ako aj efektivitu a rýchlu realizáciu našich požiadaviek. Z hľadiska medzinárodných štandardov našej korporátnej spoločenskej zodpovednosti a vysokých nárokov spoločnosti ING si vyberáme dodávateľov, ktorí dbajú okrem kvality aj na ekologickú stránku svojich produktov a použitých materiálov a práve takým dodávateľom 4koncept určite je.

Peter Bulko



Method of ventilation: fan or passive ventilation

All our acoustic zones are equipped with active ventilation in the ceiling panel. You can choose the airflow when configuring the acoustic zone before ordering. It is possible either to drive air using the fan into the acoustic zone, or to extract air out of the zone. The option for air extraction is recommended by us as standard, as it ensures the natural exchange of air in the acoustic zone and thus ensures the extraction of exhaled warm CO2 away from the acoustic zone.

You can change the ventilation power intensity at any time using the knob on the cabinet under the TV (WOOD I meet) for the other products offered, there is the possibility of adjusting the power directly on the ventilation unit.

WOOD I meet, WOOD I office, WOOD I club acoustic zones can be equipped with an independent COOL4K cooling system that can cool the interior of the acoustic zone regardless of the surrounding openspace technologies and given a standard connection to the user’s 230 V mains. However, this optional accessory is not included in the price offer.

Phonebox height and bottom design (carpet, prefabricated floor, assembled height)

The bottom of acoustic zones is a self-supporting rectifiable structure, which has a carpeted stage and a protective INOX rail around the entire perimeter (to ensure visibility of the slope). The height of this stage is about 5 cm (it depends on the extent to which it is necessary to use the rectification stage due to the unevenness of the client’s existing floor).

Method of connecting the phonebox to power current and signal wiring (rear panel, side panel, loose cables under the bottom, floorbox under the bottom or in a defined position of the floor plan, wall connection)

The connection of our acoustic zones is in principle the same as for any appliance. No special wiring is needed in terms of mains power, due to the fact that the whole zone does not contain any special appliances. Our acoustic zone has a preparation for connection from the floorbox (the ideal location of which we define in advance in the DWG drawings that we provide, however, because of the perforated rectification platform and cable tunnel system, it is possible to place the floorbox anywhere in the floor plan – but it will be inaccessible after installing the acoustic zone). At the “ideal position”, the stage is divided by the technical opening, which is accessible at any time even during the use of the acoustic zone.

Equally, each of our acoustic zones is prepared for connecting cables from the nearest wall on any side of the acoustic zone.

Equally, we have previously connected acoustic zones from the openspace ceiling to the ceiling of our acoustic zone.

Acoustic characteristics of the product

Our acoustic zones have undergone acoustic attenuation tests in cooperation with MediaTech in real-world environments with the client (much more conclusive than an artificial studio environment) and achieve an acoustic attenuation of up to 42 dBi. We’re certified for this. (See attachment)

What furniture elements / are not included in the price offer of the phonebox (chairs, table, worktop / bar counter)

With WOOD I single, the price includes everything necessary for the full use of the acoustic zone – hinged doors, ventilation, table, work chair, leather tabletop pad, table lamp, electricity, pillows, plant pots for the outside, cushions, lighting. In short, everything. For economization, we can omit the rotating chair, table lamp, or leather computer pad from the offer.

With WOOD I meet, the price also includes everything needed for full use – hinged doors, ventilation units, central lighting, central circular table, cabinet under the TV, the TV itself on the wall, 2 upholstered swivel chairs, cushions, flower pots on the outside. If economization is necessary, we can remove the 2 upholstered chairs, TV.

The same applies for WOOD I barcall, and the only thing we can theoretically remove economically is the side table.

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