Method of ventilation: fan or passive ventilation

All our acoustic zones are equipped with active ventilation in the ceiling panel. You can choose the airflow when configuring the acoustic zone before ordering. It is possible either to drive air using the fan into the acoustic zone, or to extract air out of the zone. The option for air extraction is recommended by us as standard, as it ensures the natural exchange of air in the acoustic zone and thus ensures the extraction of exhaled warm CO2 away from the acoustic zone.

You can change the ventilation power intensity at any time using the knob on the cabinet under the TV (WOOD I meet) for the other products offered, there is the possibility of adjusting the power directly on the ventilation unit.

WOOD I meet, WOOD I office, WOOD I club acoustic zones can be equipped with an independent COOL4K cooling system that can cool the interior of the acoustic zone regardless of the surrounding openspace technologies and given a standard connection to the user’s 230 V mains. However, this optional accessory is not included in the price offer.

Phonebox height and bottom design (carpet, prefabricated floor, assembled height)

The bottom of acoustic zones is a self-supporting rectifiable structure, which has a carpeted stage and a protective INOX rail around the entire perimeter (to ensure visibility of the slope). The height of this stage is about 5 cm (it depends on the extent to which it is necessary to use the rectification stage due to the unevenness of the client’s existing floor).

Method of connecting the phonebox to power current and signal wiring (rear panel, side panel, loose cables under the bottom, floorbox under the bottom or in a defined position of the floor plan, wall connection)

The connection of our acoustic zones is in principle the same as for any appliance. No special wiring is needed in terms of mains power, due to the fact that the whole zone does not contain any special appliances. Our acoustic zone has a preparation for connection from the floorbox (the ideal location of which we define in advance in the DWG drawings that we provide, however, because of the perforated rectification platform and cable tunnel system, it is possible to place the floorbox anywhere in the floor plan – but it will be inaccessible after installing the acoustic zone). At the “ideal position”, the stage is divided by the technical opening, which is accessible at any time even during the use of the acoustic zone.

Equally, each of our acoustic zones is prepared for connecting cables from the nearest wall on any side of the acoustic zone.

Equally, we have previously connected acoustic zones from the openspace ceiling to the ceiling of our acoustic zone.

Acoustic characteristics of the product

Our acoustic zones have undergone acoustic attenuation tests in cooperation with MediaTech in real-world environments with the client (much more conclusive than an artificial studio environment) and achieve an acoustic attenuation of up to 42 dBi. We’re certified for this. (See attachment)

What furniture elements / are not included in the price offer of the phonebox (chairs, table, worktop / bar counter)

With WOOD I single, the price includes everything necessary for the full use of the acoustic zone – hinged doors, ventilation, table, work chair, leather tabletop pad, table lamp, electricity, pillows, plant pots for the outside, cushions, lighting. In short, everything. For economization, we can omit the rotating chair, table lamp, or leather computer pad from the offer.

With WOOD I meet, the price also includes everything needed for full use – hinged doors, ventilation units, central lighting, central circular table, cabinet under the TV, the TV itself on the wall, 2 upholstered swivel chairs, cushions, flower pots on the outside. If economization is necessary, we can remove the 2 upholstered chairs, TV.

The same applies for WOOD I barcall, and the only thing we can theoretically remove economically is the side table.

First question, on which parts of your product is your two-year guarantee valid?

As a producer we provide a full two-year guarantee for the whole product for regular use and the assembly and disassembly process.

How can we install this product?

We offer our clients three possible ways to install our product. The 1st way is full installation by the client without any support from us. For this way we produce an installation manual for all of our products. The 2nd way is installation with the support of our installation manager at the place of installation. The 3rd way is a full installation process by our four concepts team.

Is it possible to lay our own carpet in an acoustic zone, which we also used outside the zone?

Inside of our acoustic zones we use only carpets with a maximum height 5 millimetres if your carpet is in this dimension plus minus 1 millimetre, we can install it inside the acoustic zone. If your carpet is higher, we have to select a carpet from our portfolio or to find the most similar carpet on the market to the carpet you use outside.

Is it possible to get an acoustic zone without any graphics on the glass parts?

Yes, it is possible but for the safe use of our product we recommend installing graphics on glass walls to avoid breakage of the glass due to failure to notice it is there.

How long does production take?

Standard production takes about 4 to 5 weeks from full product specification. However, the real production cycle may vary depending on the current capacities in the given period. For the current production time, you can contact us here

What is C01 material?

It is a natural solid spruce wood, which is pressed into 3 layers, where each layer has the direction of fibres rotated by 90°. This ensures maximum strength and stability of the material. This material is used for the production of wooden houses. Currently, we are the only manufacturers in the world to use natural solid wood to produce this type of product for office interiors.

Can I order a product anywhere or are there any territorial limitations?

Our products can be delivered to any part of the planet where there is at least a basic distribution network.

Do I need any special equipment to install your product?

Together with our product, you will get an installation manual that outlines the basic tools you need and basically it is only a cordless drill, screwdriver, gloves and a partner to help. You do not need any special tools to install our product.

Is it possible to customize your product?

Since we are the manufacturers, we can modify our product. However, this process is very demanding, in both logistical and production terms, and ultimately financially; these financial consequences must always be borne by the client, including the modelling itself. That is why we know from experience that customization is not so attractive in terms of added value for the client, and that brings us to the breadth of our portfolio. We are sure that our clients will always find the product for their purposes and there will be no need to change the dimensions of the product.

Can I use our own-produced fabrics or fabrics used elsewhere in our interior in the interior of the acoustic zone?

Of course, this is absolutely no problem. It is always good to at least consult in advance the type of fabric that is used in your existing interior with our technical managers.

Where can I connect the electricity for the acoustic zone?

The ideal solution for connecting the acoustic zone to electricity is to conduct cabling in the floor with a floor box. However, if the interior does not allow you to do this, we can install electricity via cables from the nearest wall in which there is a socket, or we are able to do the cabling from ceiling panels through a guide conduit.

Can I choose the orientation of the product based on the interior layout?

Yes, each of our acoustic zones has both left- and right-handed versions. You can see the plan orientations here (there will be a link to download the orientation file)

Will your product exceed the maximum possible load on my interior floor?

Average values of the maximum load in interiors range from 500 to 700 kg per m2. Our acoustic zone exerts a load of about 220 kg per square metre.

What type of glass do you use for the glass walls?

It is a certified 10-millimetre hardened glass. Individual glass parts are connected by a special acoustic tape to ensure maximum acoustic attenuation (no more than 39 dB).

Can I choose to have a lock on the door of the acoustic zone?

We do not offer this option at this time, however, our development team is constantly working to improve and expand the portfolio of optional accessories offered, so we can expect to add such accessories to our offer in the near future.

An online connection is an optional accessory to the reservation system, but can it be connected online to the corporate network?

The optional reservation system accessory offered is a passive tablet solution that is installed on the sound zone wall and is not integrated into the corporate network. We are able to provide this solution under the on-demand mode. All you need to do is specify the type of corporate network, security features, and user experience requirements.

What is the maximum possible acceptable floor slope for your acoustic zone?

Because of the fact that our acoustic zone has its own “Zertifkat” self-supporting stage, the system accepts a maximum of 1.5 cm height difference per m2.

Is any special preparation required for the COOL4K cooling system?

Our systems, products, and solutions, strive to be, and are in all cases, undemanding in terms of special requirements. the same is true of the COOL4K cooling system, which is integrated into the bench space of the acoustic zone and which has a fully prepared condensation track into the tank in the cabinet under the TV.

Does the cooling accessory require any special service during use?

The entire cooling system has several protective and signalling mechanisms that show the user what condition the cooling system is currently in. When switching on, the indicator LED turns blue, there is enough fresh cold air in the ventilation grid and the system is fully active and functional without restriction. If the indicator diode flashes to orange, the system is in “catch-up mode” after the user shuts it down. If it flashes red, intervention is required. In the vast majority of cases, the condensation vessel is filled above the safety level and it is necessary to remove the water using the drain valve.

How does the air purifier for the acoustic zones work?

The system is integrated into the head of the acoustic zone’s system for drawing fresh cold air from the surrounding environment. This air reaches the head and passes through a UVC-based cleaning system that can eliminate 99.99% of bacteria and viruses, ensuring the maximum possible level of protection for users inside the acoustic zone.

Can I rent or lease your product?

We offer our products through direct sale or through “operating leasing – furniture”, which is for either three or four quarterly periods without a down payment. This method of financing through operating leasing is becoming increasingly attractive for companies and corporations. You can get more information by contacting a member of our team to inquire about this way of financially acquiring the product.

Is there any special service for acoustic zones during use after installation?

No, as a rule, only tightening of the door hinges about one month after installation; afterwards there is no more mandatory service. If there are requirements for service, the company does it either directly or through service agents free of charge.

What if I no longer like the colour scheme of the upholstered panels on the walls, can I replace them separately?

Yes, the upholstered panels on the walls are installed so that they can be replaced even during use. In this case, it is necessary to contact your dealer and put in your request to make new acoustic panels that will be delivered to you, and you can either install them yourself, or a service technician can help you with this again.

Are preparation and installation provided by your company?

The basic sales strategy is based on exw mode, where without prior agreement we do not perform transport or assembly. However, we can implement these services by prior agreement and with an approved price offer.

Is your product suitable for exterior use?

Our products are suitable exclusively for indoor use. Unfortunately, the materials from which our acoustic zones or any other of our products are constructed are not dimensioned for outdoor use.

Are your acoustic zones useable by disabled wheelchair users?

Yes, every day. Our product has an internal variant solution for a disabled user. It is a design solution that ensures comfortable entry and full use when moving in a wheelchair.

Are your acoustic zones equipped with a fire safety system?

Our products use the safety features of the central fire control system. In order to increase safety, it is technically possible to install a sprinkler in the ceiling parts of our acoustic zones. These sprinklers are connected to the building’s central circulatory system.

Is it possible to get an acoustic zone without a bench?

The bench is an integral part of the interior elements and has multiple functions from the point of view of the structure. For this reason, it is not technically possible to supply an acoustic zone without a bench.

Is it possible to install a blackout system on the glass parts?

Yes, we have this optional accessory in our portfolio and it is possible to install it. We prepared this optional accessory based on real requirements from a client.

Are cushions a basic feature of the acoustic zone?

Yes, each acoustic zone has cushions as standard to increase user comfort while sitting.

Can I order acoustic zones without a table?

Yes, for acoustic zones where the table is an additional element that is not installed against the wall of the zone itself, it is possible to request delivery without the table.